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Fast Performance

Optimized for a smaller build size, faster dev compilation and dozens of other improvements.

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Perfect Responsive

Our system is full perfect for all device. You can visit our template all device easily.

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Fast & Friendly Support

We are provide 24 hours support for all clients.You can purchase without hesitation.

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Easy to Use

Create your own custom template or section by copying, pasting, and assembling.

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All in One solution

Why Choose eSkooly LMS.

eSkooly LMS allows you to create courses step by step. We gained experience from the most popular eLearning website templates and made a universal recipe for the ideal learning management system. The full package of eSkooly LMS will let you build a great eLearning platform.

For Online Courses

Create Your Online Courses Website.

Individual instructor Multiple Instructors Marketplace Single Course Like Udemy & More...
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FOR University or School Education

Create Your Education Website.

Higher education Universitys Kindergarden Pre School High School & More...
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FOR Profetional Coching

Create Your Coaching and Training Website.

Language Academy Gym Coaching Career Trenning Life Coaching & More...
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Take your business to The Next Level

eSkooly LMS is the best choice for everyone!

A fully packed education platform for everyone who wants to create online courses, coaching, and language centers, eLearning platforms, and deliver knowledge worldwide. It is a perfect education system that was designed to meet the needs of the learning industry.

All in One for Education


Outstanding features for highly customizable Courses, Units, Lessons, and Quizzes

  • Implement the top-notch learning technology of LMS and create a perfect workflow within any educational institution.
  • Deliver skills and knowledge online to thousands of students and create a productive learning environment.
  • Build a universal online learning platform for everyone and provide an exceptional experience.
  • Powerful learning management system
  • Effortlessly manage courses
  • Easily sell courses online
You don't need any external plugins.

120+ modules included.

Save your time and money by Using Ready Elements

Core Features

eSkooly LMS provides awesome features for creating online courses and lessons. Clear and agile usabilities of online education system will make you feel like a professional IT specialist. We guarantee you an exceptional experience.

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Take full control over the courses. Here are some features you actually need to use.

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Certificate Builder
Design your certificate template using the modern and easy-to-use builder.
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Add one more instructor to the course to provide more effective learning experience.
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Point System
Award points to students for different activities on your website and boost the motivation.
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Trial Courses
Make the lesson of the course free and open to the public, so visitors could try before enrolling.
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Media File Manager
ontrol LMS file uploading process while creating e-learning content.
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Live Streaming
Stream lessons give an opportunity for students to listen, see and follow the instructor in live mode.
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Statistics and Payout
Control your site finances with an accurate statistics data and a strong management of sales.
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Create interesting tasks and ask students to upload projects or write an essay.
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Zoom Conference
Create meetings and webinars directly on your website via Zoom integration.
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The Gradebook
Get statistics for students performance and check attendance, passing and completion rate.
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Group Courses
Sell your courses to the companies and organizations and allow group enrollments.
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Online Testing
Use the shortcode of any quiz to paste it on any page and test in online mode.
Course Showcase

Manage your courses in an authentic way.

Control appearance and structure of the course with the kit of style options. Set up your course based on your teaching style.

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Courses Feature List:
  • LMS Admin UI/UX
  • Lesson Types
  • User Profile
  • Teacher Profile
  • Student Profile
  • Course With Tab
  • Lesson Pages
  • Single Page Variation
  • Quick Action
  • Filter the Courses
  • Course Wishlist
  • Course Ratings
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Empower your learning management skill with eSkooly

Educational websites and eLearning, in general, are getting more popular day by day. New technologies and innovations appear very quickly, and new ways of interaction between students and teachers are replacing the standard class teaching. Many students prefer distance learning activities over offline education. Institutions and learning centers support their choice and provide more options for them. As users always tend to move towards the highest degree of convenience. In conditions of high demand for remote studying, there is a demand for good and reliable online platforms and systems that is increasing.

One of the main advantages of eSkooly LMS is a simple interface. Everything is created for users’ convenience.

Globally trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers.

Work Smarter ☕ Create Better ⭐ Build Faster ⚡

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Developer Friendly
Code & Design
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Get eSkooly LMS and create the best educational website

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Enjoy a handy course builder and pick the ready-made site templates. Drive courses, give out points and award students with certificates. Market and sell single course or bundles to earn great revenue from eager learners and corporations from all over the globe. Build your own e-learning business today!

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rated 4.8/5 Stars in 1000+ reviews.

Everyting Included.

  • Self Hosted
  • Cloud-based
  • Fully whilte labeled
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Branded Mobile Apps (Designed with your business brand)
  • Reselling Rights
  • Fully customisable
  • Complete Source Code
  • Lifetime Updates
  • All Addons Included

Premium Support

  • Installation Support
  • App Development
  • 1 year 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • No coding or technical knowledge required
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Everything you need to succeed.

eSkooly LMS comes with interactive design tools and features that could leave you feeling like a pro after just a few clicks.

Complete Education Package.
A complete education package for build any type of education website.

Education Fetaure
Education Fetaure

Amazing Courses Have a lots of course layout options for creating a online education website.

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Sass Available. The tamplate has Sass available for css. You can Change css by sass.

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Perfect Responsive. Our Template is full Perfect for all device. You can visit our template all device easily.

Fast Loading Speed.

eSkooly LMS is faster loading speed. eSkooly create your template so much faster.

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Education Fetaure

Bootstrap5 Comfortable. Bootstrap5 comfortable is available in eSkooly LMS. So layout changes is so much easily.

Freedom to Create The LMS Platform You Want By following eSkooly LMS layout you can create a LMS Platform as you like.

Education Fetaure
Education Fetaure

Well Documentation. Have a Well organized documentation and up to date is eSkooly LMS.


What People Are
Saying About eSkooly EDU

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A Game Changer for Education Institutes! (eSkooly LMS has revolutionized the way we deliver education. It's user-friendly, feature-rich, and incredibly efficient. Our students and instructors love it!

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Clint Images

The design Quality is perfect! Customer Support is the best so far. Thank you!

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Clint Images

Easy-to-Use Platform for Online Learning. I was hesitant about online courses, but eSkooly made it a breeze. Navigating through courses, submitting assignments, and interacting with instructors is seamless. Kudos!

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Clint Images

Whenever I had questions or technical issues, the eSkooly support team was quick to respond and provided thorough solutions. Their dedication to user experience is commendable. Thank you!

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Clint Images

Empowering Individual Instructors. As an independent instructor, eSkooly gave me a platform to share my knowledge with the world. The tools for creating and managing courses are intuitive, helping me focus on teaching.

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Clint Images

These guys are the REAL deal. Fantastic website and even better customer support. Highly recommend and will work with them again.

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Clint Images

The virtual classroom feature on eSkooly feels just like being in a real classroom. Live lectures, interactive discussions, and real-time feedback—truly a next-level experience. 5 stars rating. Kudos!

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Clint Images

I can only recommend the System! Very nice design, good adjustment options.The support is very friendly and incredibly helpful. Thanks!

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Clint Images

From enrollment to completing courses, eSkooly streamlines the learning journey. Progress tracking, grade visibility, and easy access to resources make learning efficient.

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Clint Images

They assist me very well and did everything I asked ! Quick answer to So yes I recommand :)

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Clint Images

I've never felt so connected to my instructors. eSkooly's discussion boards, direct messaging, and video conferencing options create a truly interactive learning environment.

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Clint Images

they was so kindly and replay so fast and they fixed all what i want, thank you so much !

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Responsive and competent support. They perfectly answer the questions of use and the various problems that one can have. A big thank-you !

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Clint Images

They are really amazing, the customization is really dope, and Support is really awesome

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Clint Images

One of the best support and clean code! Highly recommended!

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Clint Images

I have never seen support as fast and efficient as this one. I can't say anything about the system yet since I just started building the site, but with this kind of support, I am confident it will be awesome.

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Check out our FAQ section to see if we can help.

Do you have any Question

Let's start with the defining process of online education. First of all, we get our knowledge from the Internet when we study online. There we usually use such sources as online video tutorials and lectures combined and bundled in courses, live presentations and webinars, ebooks, and slideshows. Sometimes, we need to complement these activities with tasks to retain gathered information. This involves different quizzes, projects, and assignments. And it becomes more convenient and practical if everything described is accessible in one place. So the need for a particular learning platform or website arises.

This is a point when we come to education and eSkooly LMS that are used for eLearning websites with online courses. In a more detailed review, eSkooly LMS or learning management system is a set of tools and programs that allow you to create, manage and monitor different types of online training and courses. For instance, you have a goal to open an online school. There are too many things to consider. How will you deliver information & How will you evaluate students’ progress? How will you communicate with your learners? To answer these questions and come up with solutions, there is an LMS that suits all requirements. It provides the instructor with the opportunity to organize distance lectures and seminars, distribute the workload of students, monitor their activities, upload materials, and maintain students’ achievements. Sounds similar to our regular studies, except for one detail, everything is conducted online.

Yes, We will get update the eSkooly LMS. And you can get it any time. Next time we will comes with more feature. You can be get update for unlimited times. Our dedicated team works for update.

eSkooly LMS usually represent practical toolset for creating online courses. It allows creating an educational environment where people can study in the same mode as it would be offline. In other words, there are instructors and students and conditions for their interactions such as messaging systems, video lectures, tasks and assessments. Usually, both sides have their personal profiles via which they can communicate and share knowledge. The objective of the eSkooly LMS here is to provide the technicalities to build and manage the system. It includes tools and functions to enable all the necessary components for the LMS. It could be a course builder allowing you to create and compose the online course. A builder from its side contains other elements such as the quiz and lesson settings. Often, education LMS are even used by universities, colleges, institutes and different kinds of learning centers. They built whole platforms to make it possible for everyone to take courses and webinars online. To do this they do not need to hire designers and developers. As eSkooly LMS developed specifically for learning needs and are supplied by the primary equipment that is required to build learning management systems. eSkooly learning management system themes is the best way to set up the website with online courses, especially if you are an individual instructor. Many of the educational themes have built-in functionality that will help you to offer online courses. With our LMS, you can provide as much information as possible to the audience and let them learn more about your offerings. Usually, that type of systems is a complete solution for the LMS website. It has a good design to make sure the website is looking great and includes functional components. Everything is easy and ready to use for anyone. Also, you can use your website not only as a business card but as a tool for popularizing your learning resource and promoting the basic or additional services that you provide.

But who is really targeting users of eSkooly Online Course system? First of all, this could be individuals who want to build markets for online course distribution, such as Udemy or SkillShare. Then, there are companies willing to set up their own training system to go internal. Also, a big percentage of LMS users are customers creating free or premium online courses for sale. And finally, different educational institutions that provide online programs in addition to offline classes. While picking the best LMS, pay attention to the following criteria: SEO optimization. High-speed performance. Good UX score, and aesthetic quality. Customization options. Demos collection. Hierarchy of eLearning. Feature-rich. Responsiveness and Mobile-Friendliness. As we can see, educational system are accessible to anyone and can provide you with a package of powerful functions. Today, when remote education is so popular, this is a tool worthy of attention. If you have an idea of creating a learning platform.

Absolutely NO, there is no need for any technical knowledge or coding skill. All you need to purchase the system, and right after your purchase our team will join you remortly in order to help you regarding installation, activation and setup of the product.

Take your eLearning Business to the next level!

One-time purchase. No additional fees or subscriptions.
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